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Aldara is also known as Imiquimod. It is a preparation that treats genital warts by boosting your immune system against the Human Papilloma Virus, which causes genital warts. This medication is not cheap but it does work and can produce more permanent results compared with other medications that are used to treat warts.

Can I Buy Aldara Cream?

The Online Clinic is able to provide a prescription for Aldara, with the medication delivered straight from their pharmacy by 1.00 pm the next day. Just click on the button below to register. The Online Clinic is licensed by the Care Quality Commission to issue online prescriptions so you will be in good hands.

Aldara from The Online Clinic

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Why Aldara?

Since it works by boosting the body's immune system rather than attacking the cells with a toxic substance, there is less possibility of irritation. A small amount of the preparation should be rubbed into the affected area three times a week and rinsed off six to ten hours later in warm water. Do not use the cream if the area is inflamed.

Can I use Aldara?

Aldara can be used by the majority of people to treat genital warts. It is not advised as a treatment if you have recently undergone an organ transplant, suffer problems with your immune system or have an auto-immune disorder, have a skin condition, are allergic to imiquimod or if the warts are located under the foreskin.

Are there any side effects?

Side effects are unusual but the ones identified include: skin itch and pain on the site of application; burning sensation; and nausea. It is important to remember that most people do not get any side effects at all.

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