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Do I need a test for Gonorrhoea?

I want to check if I have Gonorrhoea. Is there a test I can do?

Gonorrhoea can be passed on by having unprotected sex. It doesn't matter if it is vaginal, anal or oral; if one person is infected the other may catch it. A mother may also transmit it to her baby during childbirth. Symptoms of the disease can include a discharge from the vagina or penis, discomfort when urinating and, in women, bleeding that is not associated with a period. It is estimated that around 10% of men and almost 50% of women have no symptoms whatsoever.

We can provide a test, which will identify any traces of the Gonorrhoea bacteria. The test can also confirm that the infection has been eradicated by any treatment. It is important to remember that this test is designed only for Gonorrhoea; it will not pick up any other diseases, for that you would need our full STI screening, which will identify other infections.

What's the procedure for Gonorrhoea Testing?

We will send you the test by post. It will normally come the day after you contact us. You provide a urine sample or vaginal swab and return it to us. As soon as we have it, our technicians will analyse it. Within one day you will be able to access the result on our website using your unique login and password. We can also notify you by text message.

What happens if the result is positive?

In most cases we are able to send you antibiotics to treat it. These will be couriered overnight on the day we get your test results, so that you can start your course the next morning. You just need to follow the online procedure.

How long will this Gonorrhoea test take?

We are one of the fastest testing organisations online. You'll usually get the test pack the morning after you order it, provided you contact us before 5pm on weekdays. When we receive the test back, it takes us a day to analyse and produce the results.

Can I be sure the test result is correct?

The test we use is widely employed by doctors throughout the country. TDL Pathology, which analyses the samples for us, is one of Britain's leading scientific laboratories and is expert in this field.

What if I have got Gonorrhoea, but don't do anything about it?

When there's something wrong, it's best to act straightaway. Treating gonorrhoea promptly is an effective way of making sure there are no further complications. Without treatment, the infection can spread to other parts of your body and lead to pelvic inflammatory disease and ectopic pregnancy in women, as well as infertility in both sexes.

If I think I might be at risk, how long should I wait to get tested?

Gonorrhoea won't show up in a test for around 7 days after you contracted it. You can get tested within that time frame but if the result is negative, we will always recommend a retest.



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