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Herpes Test

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Herpes Test

I want to check if I have Herpes. Is there a test I can do?

Yes. We can test you for Herpes Simplex I and Herpes Simplex II by PCR.

What's the procedure?

We conduct a urine test or PCR swab test to check whether the infection is present. All you need to do is send us a sample in the kit we provide. It is important to be aware that this test will show a positive result only if the virus is present and active. There will usually be symptoms, such as small blisters, if this is the case.

How long will this take?

It can take up to 48 hours from when we receive the sample for the analysis to be complete.

Can I be sure the result is correct?

If the virus is active and showing symptoms like small blisters, the test is able to give a positive result. If you have no symptoms and the virus is present but inactive the test will not give a positive result. If you suspect you have the Herpes virus but there are no symptoms present, we suggest you have a blood test. The herpes blood test has minimal medical utility but it may give you peace of mind.

If I think I might be at risk, how long should I wait to get tested?

If you are showing symptoms of the herpes virus it is best you are tested straight away.



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