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How does the HIV Test work?

The GUM Clinic’s HIV test is a lab-based test using a sample that you collect at home. After you buy the test online, we send you the collection kit by the delivery method you request during the purchase process. Next day delivery is available in the UK.

A very small blood sample is required and this is provided using a kit specially designed for patients to use at home. No medical training is required to use the sample collection kit. The blood is collected using a shallow finger prick. Once you collect the required sample of blood, you send it back in the reply paid envelope provided. In most cases the sample will arrive at our lab the day after you post it. Results are available in your account online that only you can access.

How long do I have to wait for results?

Results are available within 4 hours of the sample arriving at the lab. The lab operates 24/7 for this type of test.

How reliable is the test?

Our HIV test is a fourth generation test. The test can detect the presence of an antigen or antibodies associated with HIV from 10 days following exposure. If the sample provides a negative result and the incident was more than 6 weeks ago from the time the sample was taken then we consider this to be a conclusive result. If you took the sample before the 6 weeks point and it is negative then we ask you to repeat the test at the appropriate juncture.

What if the result is positive?

We do not talk in terms of positive results with this type of testing. If we get a reactive result, this indicates that you may have HIV so it needs to be followed up with a confirmation test. This is the same procedure as the one followed in a conventional face to face clinic. We will guide you to a clinic near where you live or work for the confirmation test. Please note that you do not need this confirmation test in the event of a negative result.

Is the testing confidential?

We do not share your test results with anyone. This is a private matter between you and us. We can provide a copy of the lab report, should this be required.

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