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Triple Blood Screen

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Triple Blood Screen

Is this test right for me?

If you have already been tested for HIV and there has been no subsequent risk of infection then this test could be appropriate for you.

All of the infections on this panel of tests can be passed by sexual contact although Hepatitis C is less common as a sexually transmitted infection other than in men who have sex with men.

How does the test work?

We send you a blood collection kit that is specially designed for use at home. The blood is drawn using a finger prick device. You then send the small blood sample back to our lab in the pre-paid envelope that we supply.

How long do results take?

Once the sample is in the lab, we normally have your results uploaded for you to view within 4 hours.

Can I get treatment from you?

For the infections covered by this panel of tests we cannot provide treatment but we will refer you to a clinic near where you live where your results can be confirmed (in the case of reactive results) and a programme of treatment can be prescribed if the reactive result is confirmed.

Please note that negative results do not require confirmation at a local clinic but you may need to repeat the test with us at a later date if you are being tested inside the detection window.

Triple Blood Screen


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