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Combined Ureaplasma and Mycoplasma Test

Is this the test I should take?

Where other infections such as Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea have been ruled out, this test may be appropriate. If you have previously tested positive for these infections and want to confirm that the infections have cleared, this would also be an appropriate test. As always, where symptoms are experienced, we recommend the Full STI Screen for those who have not been tested for other infections.

How do I get tested?

After you place an order with us, we will put a kit in the post for you. You will provide a sample which you will then put into the prepaid envelope provided and post it back to our laboratory. These tests will be carried out using PCR technology, which is a highly accurate method of testing. When the results are ready they will be posted on your private account which you will access using your private log in details.

How long do I have to wait for my results?

The kit will be dispatched on the same day as the order is placed and should arrive the following morning. The order must be placed before 17:00 Monday to Friday for same day dispatch. This particular test takes 2 working days to complete.

How accurate are the tests?

PCR technology is one of the most accurate methods of testing available today.

When should I get tested?

You need to wait 14 days after a risky event before getting tested. Before this time has elapsed, there is a chance that the bacteria might not show up in a test. If you have previously received a positive result and want to re-test, we suggest that you wait at least 3 weeks after treatment has been completed before getting re-tested.

Myco/Urea Combo


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